Light Duty Towing 

When your vehicle breaks down on the road, you may want to hire a tow truck service provider to assist you. We will move the vehicle away from the road to avoid it being hazardous to other motorists. Our light duty towing include towing vehicles such as motorcycles, cars from Honda, Ford, or luxury cars such as Bentley or Ferrari.


We consistently employ advanced and the latest equipment in the industry, thus we are able to provide the highest quality of towing to our customers. Our goal is to help our customers as quickly as possible. You can depend on our drivers who are trained and experienced in any situation.

Medium Duty Towing 

We perform a medium duty towing with our well-maintained fleet of tow trucks. In addition, We employ the latest technology and best operating practices to ensure that we perform safe and smooth tow for your vehicle. Medium duty towing can be a challenging task that needs skillful and trained operators. At Sears Towing Glendale, all of our operators are experienced specialists who are very proficient and knowledgeable in handling medium-duty vehicles throughout Glendale and Los Angeles Areas. We can tow and recover RVs, motorhomes, vans and more. 

Heavy Duty Towing 

Heavy duty towing is most appropriate for heavy vehicles like semi-trucks, buses. It is a versatile and comprehensive solution which is used where many other towing methods cannot do the job.


Our heavy duty towing service has the efficiency, strength, and reliability you need. A heavy-duty vehicle break-down on the road is a big issue. You can always rely on our heavy-duty towing for large vehicles. We provide safe and secure heavy-duty tow truck services for vehicles such as semi-trucks, motorhomes, buses and more.


If you require a reliable and safe towing solution, you may want need to consider our service.

Wheel Lift Towing 

Wheel lift towing is much quicker and fast towing method in many situations. This method is more maneuverable therefore vehicles can move through tight corners or spots. It is also quick and efficient to use this type of tow truck for short distance towing. Furthermore, it can achieve good towing results with fewer efforts and tools. With so many advantages, it is no wonder this tow truck is commonly dispatched for towing light and small vehicles.

Flatbed Towing 

This is one of the most reliable, safe and convenient options for towing. Flatbed Towing is an essential tool when it comes to getting your vehicle to your destination safely. Your car is strapped and safely lifted from the ground for transporting to various destinations. The towed vehicles are tied down with straps to ensure careful handling of your car during the whole process of towing. As the wheels are lifted off the ground, there is little chance for wear and tear to be absorbed by the towed vehicle. Practically all types of vehicles can be served by this towing truck, including motorcycles, cars, luxury cars, SUV’s, mini-vans and many more.


The flatbed tow truck is ideal for long distance towing, as the longer your truck is on the road, the possible incurring damage will increase. However, with this method, such risk is reduced greatly.

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