Towing services are considered common. Many people engage in tow truck services whenever necessary. These services are especially beneficial when you are in a circumstance that brings you inconvenience. Below we shall discuss several situations where there are needs for towing services. They are also the most frequent requests where tow truck drivers are called for:

Impound Towing

This is one common circumstance where tow trucks are called for. When there is a vehicle abandoned or illegally parked in a prohibited parking space, it will be brought to an impound lot with the treatment by a tow truck.

Accident Towing

After an accident, the vehicle may receive significant damage and ceases functioning. In other situations, heavy-duty vehicles like buses need to be moved. This is where medium or heavy-duty tow trucks work their magic.


Four-wheel-drives are versatile in various terrains. Despite their adaptability, they still may fall victim to mechanical failures or forces of nature. They may get stuck on uneven grounds such as sand, rocky areas or thick roots. Drivers usually call towing truck services when they face such situations. Equipment such as a winch can be utilized to handle such a situation.

Locked Vehicles

To get locked outside the vehicle is actually a common scenario which happens to many drivers and motorists every day. A professional locksmith should suffice such situation. However, there are times where the situation cannot be resolved. The second best option is to tow your vehicle to respective manufacturers or operators for assistance

Stolen Vehicle

Stolen vehicles are commonly found on roadways, and the owners of the vehicles need to recover them on their own. If the vehicles ran out of gas, the best solution is to call tow truck companies that can perform recovery service. Look for companies that specialize in such tasks and can keep your vehicle in good shape when they are transported to your location.

Moving vehicles from one destination to another

On top of removing a wrecked vehicle from a breakdown or accident location, light-duty tow truck such as a wheel lift can also tow vehicles to and from auto dealers or garages.

Motorhome Relocation

Motorhomes or Recreational Vehicles are excellent for holidays on the road. However, they can be a real problem when you need to relocate from one destination to another. One common solution is to call tow truck companies or transport companies. Tow truck operators may be called in for help due to the fact that they may be more cost-effective compared to the regular transport company.

Tow Truck & Roadside Assistance

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